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BRB UK 342: Vamime

Our boyfriend’s back and your gonna be in trouble, (hey now, hey now our boyfriend’s back)… we’ve missed Tim guys

Mortal Kombat X @ EGX

Rik didn’t just get to play one of his most anticipated games in years. He was lucky enough to do so with Derek Kirtzic, one of the designers at NetherRealm Studios.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Batgirl Game Play Reveal

We all know that pre the New 52 Barbara Gordon was one of the greatest female characters in comics and with the latest DLC for Injustice you can play as Babs during her primetime as Batgirl. The video also features Joker in an outfit from The Killing Joke, which is incidentally my favourite Batman storyline. […]

Trailer: Mortal Kombat – PS Vita

Get a new feel for the deadliest tournament ever created on the PS Vita. With touch screen control capability and several new game modes exclusive to the PS Vita, make sure to get your fatality fix on the go.

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