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Review: Catastronauts

Rik checks out Catastronauts, a game wearing its Overcooked and FTL influences on its sleeve.

Big Crown: Showdown @ EGX Rezzed 2018

Alex becomes a knight with an octopus hat. Fun chaos ensues!

Review: NMBR 9

Chris reviews Peter Wichmann’s NMBR 9, an enjoyable tile-laying puzzle game for up to four players – perfect for when you have 20 minutes to spare.

CoD 4: Modern Warfare Remastered @ EGX 2016

Josh played COD4:MW Remastered at EGX and came away pleased.

Review: Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5 expands upon the foundations 343 Industries set out with Halo 4, but still falls at a few hurdles along the way.

Preview: Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Bandai Namco invited us to try out their upcoming game Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Armed with no knowledge of the series whatsoever, Rik jumped at the opportunity.

Preview: Asteroids: Outpost

We dusted off our triangle-ship to see if Asteroids: Outpost a worthy successor to Asteroids? Spoiler: God no!

GRID 2 – Multiplayer Redefined [UK]

Codemasters show us a glimpse in to the RaceNet driven Grid 2 Multiplayer. With weekly global challenges, leaderboards and a rival system it promises to enable players to ‘challenge the world’.

Review: Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III is one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year; it’s also one of the most controversial if you live on my side of the pond. So does the game manage to weave a deft, deep and involving experience or does it do a hatchet job and go the route of US High School history classes?

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