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Can You Be A Mass Murdering Hero?

The typical game narrative of being a hero setting out to singlehandedly save the universe is often at odds with the mechanics of killing hundreds, if not thousands of people to do so.

Mortal Kombat Review

Mortal Kombat has been around the block more than a few times and recently returned to form with last year’s truly excellent reboot of the series; however, how has the Vita version fared? Is it still a kwality game, or is the port a bit krap?

BRB UK 14: Monobolo III

It’s that time of the week for Dan, Jon and Tim to ramble about the state of the gaming universe – so why not pop on a monocle, sip a cup of tea and get stuck into the latest episode of BRB UK? It’s jolly spiffing.

Trailer: Mortal Kombat – PS Vita

Get a new feel for the deadliest tournament ever created on the PS Vita. With touch screen control capability and several new game modes exclusive to the PS Vita, make sure to get your fatality fix on the go.

The Fighting Genre Needs an Overhaul

In my naivety, I decided that jumping into Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom for the Vita was a wise decision. On the brink of almost chucking my Vita through a window, I remembered why I tried to stay far away from this genre.

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