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BRB UK 228: Dickorations

Coleman & Tim are joined by Alex this week to talk about The Toy Fair, Mekazoo, Overwatch, Robinson the Journey & more.

MEKAZOO – Gameplay Teaser

While I personally didn’t get a chance to try out Mekazoo at EGX Rezzed, I know our very own Coleman was quite complimentary of it after his play session. This teaser shows off some of the stunning visuals in the game and if you are intrigued by it, you won’t have to wait long to […]

Mekazoo – Gameplay Trailer

Do you hunger for the days of good Sonic the Hedgehog titles, back when there were no Knuckles pause jumps? Well some of those folks over at The Good Mood Creators may have the title for you. Mekazoo is a 2D/3D platformer that’s set in a very bright and colourful world, where you can choose to […]

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