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Preview: Agents of Mayhem – Demo from MCM

Tim got to try Volition’s Agents of Mayhem at this year’s MCM in London.

London MCM Comic-Con Photo Diary, October 2013

London MCM Expo has always been a highlight; this October’s event was no exception, and I even caught an Eevee during my travels.

Mass Effect Community Commanders Interview

While attending the MCM Expo in London recently, I encountered an extra terrestrial raiding party including a human Spectre agent, another human female and what I can only assume was a Krogan male.

Gamer’s Guide To MCM Expo London 2012

As a veteran of several successful comic con campaigns, I thought I would take a moment to pass on some of my edumacated “wisdom” and point out some highlights for gamers to see at this weekend’s show.

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