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EA PWNED – Mass Effect 3: Omega Special

Matt Cuttle got his paws on Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC, and had an in depth chat with Fabrice Condominas of BioWare Montreal, about the return to one of Mass Effect 2’s most iconic locations and the characters Shepard will be teaming up with. PWNED is produced by Electronic Arts UK and does not necessarily represent […]

Mass Effect Community Commanders Interview

While attending the MCM Expo in London recently, I encountered an extra terrestrial raiding party including a human Spectre agent, another human female and what I can only assume was a Krogan male.

BRB UK 35: Tactical Banana

Well, hello there! We’re all recovering from our Extra Life marathons – so we’ve probably talked more codswallop than usual this week. Regardless, why don’t you join Dan, Jon and Tim for their take on the week’s gaming news!

Preview: Mass Effect 3 Special Edition (Wii U)

Tim was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, as well as sitting down with Melaine Faulknor.

Mass Effect 3 – Retaliation Multiplayer DLC Trailer

The Collectors return in the biggest multiplayer update for Mass Effect 3 to date. Adding the Collectors as a whole new enemy faction — bringing back the dreaded Praetorion, Scion and the Collector troops and captains — with Cerberus and the Geth gaining some new recruits to make them more fierce. On the side of […]

Trailer: Mass Effect 3 – Leviathan

Something is hiding somewhere in space, something powerful enough to be able to kill a Reaper. Shepard must race against the Reapers to find Leviathan first, and find out what it knows.

Too Soon? Too Late? When’s The Right Time for DLC?

Is it better to release DLC too soon or too late – or Is there even a suitable middle ground?


In this week’s PWNED, Matt chats with Mark Meer aboard the Normandy about his experience voicing Commander Shepard, Julia explores SimCity and it’s multiplayer and David Rutter talks FIFA 13 on the EA Sports Desk. Plus, there’s a chance to win a signed Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 in the episode’s YouTube comments. PWNED is […]

BRB UK 23: Jon Fail

Pip pip! As always, you lot are cordially invited to listen to three grown men burble on about the wondrous pursuit that is playing video games. So join Dan, Jon and Tim for a meander through the week’s gaming news.

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