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Geek Speak 25: Merry Buttmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from BRB Geek Speak! Lauren, Diarmuid and Alex are talking about their geeky highlights of the year.

Geek Speak 22: Shooting First in My Pants

Hello! The new episode of BRB Gpeak Speak is here! Please join Lauren, Diarmuid and Alex as they geek out about their latest obsessions.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Official Trailer

After the success of their Daredevil series, Netflix is bringing a new Marvel hero to our screens. Jessica Jones tells the story of a former super hero who has survived a horrific expereince at the hands of a mind-controlling villain. After setting up a¬†private detective business in Hell’s Kitchen, she is shocked to find out […]

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Premiere Announcement Trailer

Every episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones¬†will be available to watch on Netflix on 20th November. Start booking that day off now folks!

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