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BRB UK 219: Smash Her Pumpkin

Dan is joined by Kev & Jon this week to talk Watch Dogs 2, Sea Hero Quest, Diablo III & Steamworld Heist.

Smashsoul’s Top Games of 2013

Call me cynical, but I want to say 2013 was a rather average year when it comes to games…

Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

From the same success of taking Star Wars, Batman, Lord of the Rings and more, combined with the childhood mega toy that is tiny bricks of plastic, comes LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

BRB UK 82: Episode 81 Part II

We’re back! Excitement! Console launches! PlayStation 4! Dan! Tim! Also, Jon.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – gamescom Trailer

The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are assembled brick by brick further in the latest trailer.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – E3 Trailer

Marvel Super Heroes are assembling for an action-packed, brick-smashing good time! Every time I watch this trailer and see Deadpool hiding under his umbrella as Galactus approaches I crack up big time. The game looks as though it’s going to be in keeping with the humour we expect from LEGO titles and I, for one, […]

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