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Xbox One – Unveil Video

In a real “up your’s Sony’ moment here’s a close up video of the new console from Microsoft. So tell me, is it the One you want?

Microsoft IllumiRoom

Take your gaming beyond the edges of your TV screen with IllumiRoom. Using Kinect and a projector, IllumiRoom can project parts of the game world into your room in the real world for a more immersive gaming experience. The footage in this proof-of-concept video was recorded live from the actual rendered effects of IllumiRoom, and were […]

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth – Stan Lee Interview

In this spectacular interview, Stan “the man” Lee gives his uncanny impressions on the playable heroes available in Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth. Excelsior!

Harry Potter for Kinect – Launch Trailer

Step into the world of Harry Potter in a game that spans the entire film saga. Learn and master spell, take part in Quidditch games and battle Death Eaters alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione. Test your magical skills in competitive mini-games with your friends and family, or join up for co-op gameplay.

BRB UK 24: Lever-Type Situation

For a refreshing change, the Brits from BRB UK have managed to avoid hardware-related mishaps this week – meaning that they’re able to give you a podcast that a) exists and b) won’t induce eardrum rupture when you listen to Jon.

BRB UK 18: Pavlov’s Keyboard Cat

Hello there chaps and chapettes – Dan is back and joins his blathering brethren, Jon and Tim, to serve up another positively tepid dose of Great British Britishness under the guise of BRB UK.

BRB UK 17: E3 Just Happened

The BRB UK are somewhat transformed this week, but still here to bring you all the news that has spilled out of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Grab a cup of tea, pull up a crumpet and get comfy as we have a packed agenda!

BRB WTF: Microsoft E3 Press Conference Podcast

On the maiden voyage of BRB WTF, Dave, Yoshifett, Kev and Mat break down the good, the bad and the ugly of Microsoft’s 2012 E3 press conference.

BRB UK 12: Chafeage

Pip pip! We’ve got to that stage of the week where you’ll be itching to festoon your MP3 player with some rip-snorting British Britishness. Also, videogames. So join Dan, Jon and Tim for their take on the week’s gaming news.

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