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Big Red Ramble: Mighty No. 9

Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Mighty No. 9 quickly went from cheers to jeers following the games changes, delays and then underwhelming release. Well now Coleman‘s got his grubby mitts a copy and he intends to see is all of the criticism is warranted. To see other BigRedRambles and more from BRB TV, check […]

Review: Mighty No. 9

One of the most highly anticipated crowdfunded games releases after more than a year of delays. But is MN9 worthy of its $4m budget or just a poor Megaman impersonator?

Review: Soul Sacrifice

The mind behind Mega Man and Resident Evil has created a new IP for the Vita. Soul Sacrifice sets out on a handheld quest to become the Vita’s ‘killer app’.

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