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Review: Annihilation

Alex takes a look at Alex Garland’s second film, which bypassed the cinema screen coming straight to Netflix. Her only regret is missing the big screen experience.

Geek Speak 109: Szechuan Situation

Lauren, Alex, and Jo chat Beetlejuice, Rick and Morty, Jane the Virgin, Overwatch, Settlers of Catan adaptation & more.

Geek Speak 88: Adam Sandwich

On Geek Speak, Lauren, Alex and Jo chat about Gloomhaven, Riverdale, American Gods, The Expanse, tested and more.

Geek Speak 38: Division Rants

BRB Geek Speak is a two women show again. Lauren and Alex talk Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and more.

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