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Preview: Agent Alice

It was a day like any other, I took my coffee the same way I always did but this morning, it tasted a little different;

AG Drive – Preview Trailer

Inspired by the likes of WipeOut and F-Zero comes AG Drive, a brand new futuristic racing title for mobile devices. AG Drive is available today for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for £2.99 via the App Store.

Striker Arena – Teaser Trailer

Vikings, Gladiators and Samurai all battle each other on the battlefield… well actually it’s a football pitch. Striker Arena is a mobile football game – that you may have seen successfully being funded on Kickstarter, and takes a very loose view on what constitutes as a foul. Striker Arena is heading to iPhone and iPad from the […]

Evil Genius Online (iOS) – Launch Trailer

Everybody surely gets delusions of grandeur from time to time, but it’s those who seek more than a promotion or raising their status and go straight for world domination that we have to keep an eye on. Luckily Rebellion have come up with with a way to satisfy those in the market for a bit […]

Dreamslide Plus – Launch Trailer

Travel through a dream world, sliding along a path created by your own finger, collecting stars and avoiding mines. Dreamslide Plus is a game very similar to that of Kirby: Canvas Curse and its upcoming sequel Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Simply run your finger across the screen to create a real time generated slide […]

BRB UK 74: Getting A Head

Good day! It’s that time of the week where you sit down with a steaming mug of tea and listen to three mugs – Dan, Jon and Tim – as they navigate the waters of the week’s gaming news.

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2: It’s About Time! – Official Trailer

The official trailer for Plants vs Zombies 2 is pretty wonderful, starting out in the first person view of Crazy Dave we get a brief tour of his house, a glimpse at a few new plants we’ll be arming our garden with and, perhaps most importantly given the game’s title, a look at his time […]

Review: Fury of the Gods

Squish tiny impudent subjects beneath your finger in Chillingo’s new real-time strategy game for iOS – if you can stay awake.

Review: Kumo Lumo

The world’s first “rain-em-up” is a charming and fully-featured free iOS game. Just don’t rush through the downpour!

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