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Review: Full Bore

Full Bore is stuffed so full of secrets that the story is a bit too much of an enigma. However, this can be overlooked in favour of fantastic, addictive puzzle design.

Review: Fez

Fez is an absolute masterpiece. My only complaint is the fact I didn’t play it sooner.

Review: SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt

Typically the Metroidvania genre emphasizes upgrade-based exploration, with hidden areas scattered about. What happens when the entire game is a hidden area?

Review: 1954 Alcatraz

Whilst not Daedalic Entertainment’s best work, 1954 Alcatraz’s depth lies in its rich 1950’s Beat America context and setting that provides some escapism for a time.

Review: Journal

What Journal lacks in game-play involvement, it makes up for in meaning. The concepts of grief and handling loss is expressed with elegant poignancy.

Games of the Generation: The Walking Dead

It’s impossible to not become invested in the emotional power of The Walking Dead.

Review: Journey of a Roach

If I was to choose a critter to be a game’s protagonist, I’m not sure if a cockroach would be high on my list; yet Koboldgames seem to make it work.

Review: The Inner World

If you appreciate a traditional point-and-click adventure bundled up in charm and spirit, The Inner World is a quick but joyful game bursting with playful dialogue and a host of unusual characters.

Review: Gone Home

As an adventure based on the premise of exploring an environment, Gone Home falls a bit short; however, the game’s story is remarkably special and is one that people should experience.

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