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Right now it’s Left Up to Downloads

With a variety of vibrant distribution platforms – and with Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network really hitting their stride – it’s a good time to be a downloadable game developer. But is it a good time to be a gamer?

BRB UK 4: Idiotsyncrasies

Pip-pip! It’s time for another steaming heap of Britishness to be delivered straight to your lug holes, so join Dan, Jon and Tim for yet another episode of BRB UK. Cravats and monocles are optional, but will give rise to a superior listening experience.

I Am Alive Review

If I said this game was set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. The term would suggest that it was after the total and universal destruction of all mankind. However, as the name of the game suggests; I Am Alive.

Trailer: I Am Alive – Tape 2: Encounters

Apparently I am alive. Which is good to know. How long it stays that way is another matter. It certainly looks like the guys in the trailer might be trying to do something about it. Probably why you have all those weapons. Looks like ammo conservation by intimidation might be a way to stay alive […]

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