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BRB UK 403: Travel Sick

In an attempt to relive those pre-rona days, we use video games to get on a plane and on holiday

Hypnospace Outlaw – Out Now

Hypnospace Outlaw is a tribute to ’90s Internet culture from the mind of Jay Tholen. The game is a festival of offbeat music genres, brightly coloured animated gifs and clashing backgrounds, all of which are a joy to discover and explore. Hypnospace Outlaw is out now on Steam and GOG.

Hypnospace Outlaw – Announcement Trailer

Hypnospace Outlaw is an alternate-reality ’90s internet simulator from the mind of Dropsy creator Jay Tholen. The game will launch on PC on 12th March. Nominated for three Independent Games Festival Awards, including the coveted Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Hypnospace Outlaw puts players in the role of an internet Enforcer, scouring the world wide web for […]

Hypnospace Outlaw – Announcement Trailer

No More Robots have just announced Hypnospace Outlaw, from Dropsy studio Tendershoot, and it’s a ’90s alternate reality Internet simulator. Players will need to trawl and police an alternate reality internet, keeping this very different online experience free from bullying, copyright theft and vandalism.

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