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BRB UK 195: Bithellmania!

Coleman & Tim are your hosts in this week’s episode of the BRB UK Podcast, but they’ve also managed to rope in Mike Bithell.

Review: Homefront: The Revolution

Reuben didn’t manage to finish Homefront: The Revolution in the end, for several very good reasons.

Big Red Barrelcast 114: Spaceballs

Dave, Pacman and Kev miss the 80’s while they talk about Doom, Homefront and Gran Turismo Sport.

BRB UK 193: Censor Overload!

Rich returns to join Coleman & Tim in their ramble-fest to talk Valkyria Chronicles, Uncharted 4 and more.

Homefront: The Revolution – Launch Trailer

Homefront: The Revolution launches this week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Fight back the oppressive occupation of your homeland as a resistance member and regain America’s freedom… *cue Team America music*

Homefront: The Revolution – Ignite Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Homefront: The Revolution, featuring the rallying cry of guerrilla warfare. The Ignite trailer features game-play footage of the game and the acts of the game’s protagonist Ethan Brady as he lays out the reasons for his brothers in arms to fight. Homefront: The Revolution arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, […]

Homefront: The Revolution – Freedom Fighters Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Homefront: The Revolution, Deep Silver’s follow-up to 2011’s mediocre shooter. The Freedom Fighters trailer shows off the new Resistance Mode – a four-player co-op experience. Xbox One owners can try out the mode when the beta runs between 11th and 14th February.

Geek Speak 15: Swiggity Swooty

Hi there! We are a little bit late but BRB Geek Speak is back for another week of nerding out about… stuff!

BRB UK 158: 12 Inches of Nathan Drake

All the game releases for 2015 are turning from a trickle to a waterfall! Good thing we have Team BRB UK to play them all.

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