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Heroes of Ruin Review

Ah, dungeon crawling. The heady loot-laden pastime of many a gamer; the knowledge that an improved, shiny and new bit of awesome may just be round the next corner has kept many a gamer away from the outside world.

BRB UK 19: Magical Pussycats

Well, hello there, chaps and chapettes – it’s that time of the week to prepare your acoustic apparatus for a boatload of brilliant Britishness with Dan, Jon and Tim as they navigate through the murky waters of gaming news.

BRB UK 18: Pavlov’s Keyboard Cat

Hello there chaps and chapettes – Dan is back and joins his blathering brethren, Jon and Tim, to serve up another positively tepid dose of Great British Britishness under the guise of BRB UK.

Trailer: Heroes of Ruin – Official Launch

Heroes of Ruin launches on the Nintendo 3DS today in the UK, are you prepared for an epic handheld RPG in 3D?

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