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A Simple Guide to Making Money in DC Universe Online

As DCUO is now available on the Nintendo Switch, Michael has a few tips for making cash

A Beginner’s Guide To Warzone Firefight

Firefight returns in Halo 5 and Jamie has some pointers to help you get the upper hand over the Covenant and Prometheans.

Guide: DriveClub Tips and Tricks

With the release of the PlayStation Plus edition of DriveClub delayed, but not cancelled, here are a few pieces of advice to help those who will come to the game late (and perhaps help those already playing the game too).

Dark Souls 2 – What Has Changed?

Kev explains a few of the most notable changes between Dark Souls 2 and its predecessor, and introduces the game’s hub area, all without spoiling content.

Guide: How To Install A New HDD In A PlayStation 4

It turns out, this is a really easy process. Here’s how I did it.

Guide: The Last of Us Tips and Tricks

The world of The Last of Us is a desolate place filled with savagery and violence – this guide may prepare you for it.

Guide: Rock Band Blitz Tips and Tricks

Pick up a handy hint or two to master Rock Band Blitz’s array of power-ups!

Big Red Blueprint: Diablo 3 Starter Guide

This particular Diablo 3 guide is meant to help those starting out from the very beginning, and it will help prepare them to face the final boss on Nightmare. Don’t worry, though, this guide is completely spoiler-free.

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