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BRB UK 454: Vintage Feel

Would you just look at the tiny little Amiga. Awww… look at its little mouse!

BRB UK 423: PlayStation 4 Picks

PlayStation 5 is here (for those that could get one), so we’re taking a look back at the PS4

BRB UK 421: Best of a Bad Situation

2020 has been a weird old year but at least we’ve had some great games to play

BRB UK 419: Cybergonk 1977

Cyberpunk is here, Call of the Sea is lovely and Project Wingman shouldn’t be played on novice

BRB UK 417: Standard Dong?

Say no to scalpers and yes to podcasts, specifically this one right here… which is handy

BRB UK 399: Open Ring Simulator

We’ve got a little something form each of the big three this week but mostly, we’re talking Xbox

BRB UK 392: Knife-Wielding Crab!

We’re playing a game that lets you play as a baby Shark (doo doo, doo doo doo doo)

BRB UK 389: Knights that say NNID

We’re playing Streets of Rage 4 and Gears Tactics (YAY!)

BRB UK 381: How Many Parts?

We’re all excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake. No, wait… confused, we’re all confused

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