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BRB UK 89: Widening Participation

Pip pip, one and all! For a refreshing change, Jon manages to work out Thursdays and joins Dan and Tim for a gentle romp around the week’s gaming news.

Review: A Study In Emerald (Board Game)

Martin Wallace’s trademark abstraction means A Study In Emerald only pays lip-service to its Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu theme but delivers a deeply strategic experience regardless.

Review: Risk Legacy (Board Game)

The unique DIY mechanics of Risk Legacy distract from Risk’s core gameplay long enough to make it fun.

Review: Hive (Board Game)

The perfect pub game, Hive is a satisfyingly chunky experience that can be taught in less than five minutes.

Review: The Manhattan Project (Board Game)

Accountancy in the Cold War

Review: Smash Up (Board Game)

If the idea of Robot Ninjas vs Pirate Zombies makes you LOL, this is the game for you.

Review: 3012 (Card Game)

In the distant future an unknown apocalypse will have transformed deck building card games into a brown mush, apparently.

Review: Ankh-Morpork (Board Game)

The Discworld Universe injects character into another tightly designed Martin Wallace creation, making it one of the best licensed games out there.

Review: Seven Wonders (Board Game)

Taking Civilization back to basics.

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