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BRB UK 581: Fuzzy Fantasy

Blurry visuals and piano mini games abound in the small town of Nibelheim

BRB UK 547: Elephant in the Room

There’s a new Nintendo Direct this week and wow, that’s a lot of Mario games

BRB UK 473: A Great British Return

Was creepy Sonic better? Does Sony need a Game Pass? Who is winning the console war?

BRB UK 468: John Spartan

We’ve accidentally dedicated the whole show to Halo Infinite, which is a good sign

BRB UK 436: Oldriders

Help, we found some sludge in the forest and it aged us all immensely

BRB UK 406: Buff Satan

It’s a new episode of BRB UK and, hold on a minute, you want to do what to Satan’s WHAT?!?

BRB UK 367: Up or Off?

We’re talking Luigi’s Mansion 3, WWE 2K20, The Outer Worlds and Red Dead Redemption 2

BRB UK 306: Tarted Guilt Trips

We’re playing more Dead Cells, Vroom Kaboom and checking out some interesting news from this year’s Gamescom.

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