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Review: Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has finally had its worldwide release, giving players the ability to go out and catch Pokémon in the real world.

I Accidentally Turned my Housemate into a Dota 2 God

Rather than bringing balance, Calum turned his housemate to the Darkside… of MOBAs

Evil Genius Online (iOS) – Launch Trailer

Everybody surely gets delusions of grandeur from time to time, but it’s those who seek more than a promotion or raising their status and go straight for world domination that we have to keep an eye on. Luckily Rebellion have come up with with a way to satisfy those in the market for a bit […]

Preview: Nosgoth

The mobility of the vampires versus the firepower of the humans is the core of Nosgoth and it is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Review: Yeti on Furry

Heading to iOS comes Yeti on Furry, a game that tasks you with defending a Yeti from baddies by tapping on the screen and switching between an array of attack powers.

Warface: Interview with Executive Producer Joshua Howard

I was invited down to the Premier headquarters in Soho for a hands on with the sneak-peak beta for Warface, the new free-to-play FPS from Crytek

Free To Play (But Why Would You?)

Today I am here to talk about what happens when you stare a little too deep into the endless void of free to play games and nothing but darkness stares back.

Review: Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter

“Fans have been waiting a long time to play in the Forgotten Realms setting in a Massively Multiplayer way.” – PacManPolarBear

Surprisingly, Real Racing 3 is a first place free-to-play champion

Real Racing 3’s free-to-play model works thanks to its clever design and generosity provided you give a little love back in return.

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