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Review: DOOM

Reuben reviewed the recent reboot of id Software’s DOOM, but can it live up to the ultra-violent innovation of the original classic?

Review: Homefront: The Revolution

Reuben didn’t manage to finish Homefront: The Revolution in the end, for several very good reasons.

Halo: Combat Evolved Retrospective

Riding atop of the wave of FPS nostalgia, Socrates visits arguably the biggest and greatest of them all for the very first time.

The First Person Shooter Renaissance

Gamers have been hoping for first person shooter innovation for some time now. It’s here.

Titanfall Interview: Abbie Heppe On Evolving the FPS Formula

Tim got the chance to have a chat with Abbie Heppe, the community manager of Respawn Entertainment to talk about the way that Titanfall differs from the games that have come before it.

War Is Hell(a Fun): Becoming an FPS Gamer

I knew, one day, that it would come to this. I have become an FPS Gamer. I finally caved 4 days ago and joined their ranks. And you know what? It feels good.

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