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Football, Tactics & Glory – Pre-Launch Trailer

Creoteam have announced that Football, Tactics & Glory, a never seen before strategic take on the beautiful game, will exit Steam Early Access after three years. The set-up is simple: take the turn-based strategy and tactics more commonly associated with a particular alien invasion franchise and apply it to the game of football. The result […]

Striker Arena – Teaser Trailer

Vikings, Gladiators and Samurai all battle each other on the battlefield… well actually it’s a football pitch. Striker Arena is a mobile football game – that you may have seen successfully being funded on Kickstarter, and takes a very loose view on what constitutes as a foul. Striker Arena is heading to iPhone and iPad from the […]

BRB UK 19: Magical Pussycats

Well, hello there, chaps and chapettes – it’s that time of the week to prepare your acoustic apparatus for a boatload of brilliant Britishness with Dan, Jon and Tim as they navigate through the murky waters of gaming news.

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