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BRB UK 36: I Feel The Need, The Need for Creed!

It’s that time of the week for your dose of British blathering with Dan, Jon and Tim – so grab a cup of tea and settle down for a smidge of gaming news!

Review: Football Manager 2013

Football Manager and I use to be blissfully married, in an addictive, sometimes abusive, relationship that often ventured in to the destructive. Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in — kicking, but not screaming.

Football Manager 2013 – Classic Mode Revealed

In a new riot of Football Manager 2013 videos, Director Miles Jacobson explains — in detail — all of the minute features of Classic Mode, a new game mode that runs like a more classic Football Manager for those without the time to dedicate into full time team management. Included with this announcement was the […]

Football Manager 2013 – Video Logs: Week Three

Sport Interactive have released their third week’s worth of video logs unto the world. So what have the team been up to to improve on the best selling football management series ever? The first video deals with the level of interaction you’ll have with staff, players and other managers. The next video details the […]

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