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Geek Speak 179: Perfect & Sweet, Covered in Blood

We’re got Samurai Showdown, Brightburn, Nailed it! and a whole bunch of weekly geekly news

Big Red Barrelcast 119: Heat Wave

Dave, Pacman and Kev compare temperatures, the new Pro-Controller, Battlefield, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and more.

BRB UK 186: Acapella Gear Solid

Coleman has been left all by himself once again but with a little help from his friends, there will be all the important video game info in this here little show.

Final Symphony – Music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X

After a sell-out London tour, Final Symphony, a collection of music from Final Fantasy titles VI, VII and X, has arrived. Final Symphony is available now via iTunes.

Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns is the sequel to the sequel that nobody wanted. The conclusion to the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. We are put into the shoe’s of Lightning one last time.

An Obsessive’s Guide To Kingdom Hearts – Part 1

There is something about Kingdom Hearts that hooked me from the moment I laid eyes and thumbs on it back with Kingdom Hearts 1 on the PS2.

Final Fantasy: Why Has Lightning Returned?

Final Fantasy XIII is arguably a game without one protagonist; however, Lightning Farron seems to have dominated this game and its sequels from day one.

Music, Music, Everywhere

Music, music, everywhere. Music, music in your ear. That rhymes right?

Everyday I’m Shuffling

Monsters of the horror genre have had a makeover in the last decade or so. Sexy vampires like the ones we seen in Interview With A Vampire have been replaced with sparkly vampires with real makeup issues.

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