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BRB 369: Star Wars, Narcos and Parsnips!

Tim can’t say Narcos and we think he should never be allowed to forget this fact… EVER

Final Fantasy: Why Has Lightning Returned?

Final Fantasy XIII is arguably a game without one protagonist; however, Lightning Farron seems to have dominated this game and its sequels from day one.

BRB UK 2: Face Of The Internet

It’s Vita day all over the planet! To while away the hours as you wait for your shiny Sony goodness, Dan, Jon and Tim have crimped out another portion of British podcasting goodness for your delectation.

Diving Headfirst and Fresh into Final Fantasy XIII-2

As a long time lover of the Final Fantasy franchise, the 13th in the series was somewhat of an oddball to me. Even though I found it painfully boring in the six

Trailer: Final Fantasy XIII-2 – The Sequel Launches

The latest iteration of the Japanese RPG series is out today in North America, and released on February the 3rd in Europe.  Take a gander at the launch trailer above for what the new game will have on offer. Of course, we all know that the cinematics in the latest Final Fantasy games have been […]

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