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Far Cry Primal – The Charge

A live action trailer has just been released by Ubisoft… and I would not be surprised if you didn’t know what game it was for. Of course, you will know now seeing as the title and link all say Far Cry Primal. Regardless, it is worth a watch.

Far Cry Primal – King of the Stone Age

Far Cry Primal sees Ubisoft’s open-world series go all the way back to the Stone Age. You are a hunter who has learned to tame animals. They become your allies as you try to survive in this harsh environment. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 23rd February and on PC on […]

BRB UK 173: PlayStation Experience 2015

We’re finally reaching the end of this year and gearing up for the next, so it looks like the last time to sneak some gaming shows in before 2016 looms its head.

Far Cry Primal – Official Reveal Trailer

Despite being only ever so slightly leaked, Ubisoft have revealed the next entry in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry Primal. Set in 10,000 BC, Primal sees you play Takkar, a hunter and the last surviving member of your party. This seems like the perfect fit for Far Cry and we will get our hands on it […]

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