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Gallery: Faster Than Life at the Scottish Car Show 2013

As if a video wasn’t enough, we’ve put together a photo gallery showing off more of our Faster Than Life gaming arena at The Scottish Car Show!

Review: F1 2012

Formula 1 is a glamorous sport that is, I’m sure you’ll agree, difficult to recreate if you’re sat on a couch in a 2-bed flat. So does F1 2012 manage to recreate the exciting highs and lows of the sport, or does it end up careering into the wall of chumpions?

BRB UK 32: Eurogamer A Go Go!

Eurogamer Expo – it was a thing. A fantastic thing. A thing with lots of lovely video game newness to get ankle-deep in; so join the chaps as they look back on the show and dish out some awards.

BRB UK 30: Mr Blobby Hardcore Edition

Join Dan, Tim and Jon as they attempt to navigate around the week’s video gaming news – and, since summer is behind us, there actually is some.

Trailer: F1 2012 – Champions Mode

To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. In F1 2012 Champions Mode you’ll take on 6 F1 World Champions in some detailed race scenarios, pitting you against the odds to win the race.

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