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BRB UK 4: Idiotsyncrasies

Pip-pip! It’s time for another steaming heap of Britishness to be delivered straight to your lug holes, so join Dan, Jon and Tim for yet another episode of BRB UK. Cravats and monocles are optional, but will give rise to a superior listening experience.

F1 2011 Review

I’m a massive petrol head and general lover of all things motorsport. So imagine my joy when I heard that F1 2011 was racing over to the Vita – is Sumo Digital’s port a motorsport masterpiece, or has it all gone a bit Wacky Races?

Trailer: F1 2011 – PS Vita Launch Trailer

Get into pole position on the go, and take F1 2011 with you on the PS Vita with touch screen enabled controls. Vroooooom!

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