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BRB UK 216: Soul Suspect

This week’s BRB UK has Dan, Tim & Coleman chatting about Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 & Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

BRB UK 200: Wendingo Ate My Baby!

It’s a special five-man shoe for a very special 200th episode of BRB UK. Expect some surprises in this special trainwreck of a show.

Gaming For Good – Evolve for GamesAid

The fine folks at 2K and Turtle Rock Studios will be hosting a 24-hour live stream to raise money for GamesAid and Diarmuid has all the details.

Evolve – Behemoth and New Hunters Gameplay Trailer

The latest DLC for Evolve will drop next Tuesday, introducing a new monster, in the form of the Behemoth, and four new Hunter characters, including Torvald (Assault), Crow (Trapper), Slim (Medic) and Sunny (Support). DB Sinclair and Yah Boy Shak host the video and show off the new characters on the Aviary map in this […]

Geek Speak 3: Tickle My Cthulu

This week on BRB Geek Speak, Lauren, Monica and Alex did lots of fun, geeky and weird reading. They also hunted some monsters and played with Batmobiles.

BRB UK 134: A Tale of Two Tims

Another show another guest, oh yes indeedy you had better believe it! Join Tim and Coleman as they rope their third chair in from Ubisoft.

BRB UK 133: Dog and Barrel

We are down and ready to get crunk, or words to that effect. Once again we are without the posh one, so that means that once again we have brought a guest to fill in for Dan!

Evolve – Launch Trailer

After what feels like a life-time (to me anyway) and countless event demos, Turtle Rock’s Evolve is finally here. Band together in a team of four to take down gargantuan predators or take control of a bad-ass monster for yourself and lay waste to all those that stand in your way. Evolve is available now for […]

Evolve – Survival Guide Trailer

Trying to take on a massive beast can be tough at the best of times – even more so when it can adapt to become more powerful. That’s why 2K want to help you last longer when Evolve hits the shelves and have released this handy survival guide to keep you one step ahead of […]

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