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Review: Century: Spice Road

Alex reviews Century: Spice Road, one of her top picks from UK Games Expo. After many playthroughs, it didn’t disappoint.

BRB @ UKGE Round Up!

Alex does a UK Games Expo round-up of everything she loved and not so much about the show.

Review: Thunder & Lightning

Alex reviews Thunder & Lightning, a game where you take on the roles of Thor or Loki fighting an epic mythological battle.

Preview: Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron

Alex previews the newest Marvel Dice Masters set at the event in Loading Bar organised by Esdevium Games.

Review: Dogs of War

Michael reviews Dogs of War, a game that combines the strategy and depth of a Euro game with the theme of a war game. Also there are lots of hats!!

Event – Batman: Arkham City Escape – The After Shots

On the 16th of July, Big Red Barrel moseyed on down to Loading/MADD in Soho, London to head up the second of it’s on going Table Top Tuesday series of board game themed nights.

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