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Endless Space 2 – Renegade Fleets Update

During last month’s Endless Free Weekend, Amplitude gave Endless Space 2 players the opportunity to unlock six new fleet skins by playing a total of 1 million hours across their games. They ended up playing a total of 2.8 million hours, so the free Renegade Fleets community update now also includes the long awaited Hissho […]

Endless Space 2 – Pathfinders Launch Trailer

Endless Space 2 from Amplitude Studios is launching today on Steam. The sci-fi grand strategy game leaves early access after refining its conquering-the-universe game-play to utter perfection… hopefully.

Endless Space 2 – EXPLOIT

The eXploit trailer for Endless Space 2 shows the responsibility you have as the leader of your civilization. You will need to consider politics, research, industry and commerce to continue growing. Endless Space 2 is currently available on early access on Steam, with a full launch set for 19th May.

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