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BRB UK 552: Front to Back

It’s Homlander, Peacemaker & Omni-Man Vs Kamek, Petey Piranha & Wiggler

BRB UK 482: Wrestling with Chaos

We’ve got sweaty dudes in spandex and an angry bloke looking to kill Chaos

StrangePlay: Elite Dangerous

Come listen to Simon ramble on about Elite Dangerous on the PlayStation 4 as Rik asks questions and tries to get a feel of what the heck this game actually is. Click to Subscribe ►

Revisiting ID@Xbox: Indies Galore!

Last year, Jamie took a look at the ID@Xbox program. Now, he’s back to take a more in depth look at the games being released this year and beyond as well as some old favourites.

Geek Speak 11: Until Dolphins Start Talking

Hello there listeners and welcome to the place for all your nerdy needs, BRB Geek Speak, recorded during the heat wave with your hosts melting over the microphones!

BRB UK 150: Juggernog Edition!

To celebrate 150 episodes, Team BRB UK attempt a 5-man show… what could possibly go wrong?

BRB UK 134: A Tale of Two Tims

Another show another guest, oh yes indeedy you had better believe it! Join Tim and Coleman as they rope their third chair in from Ubisoft.

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