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Review: FIFA 14

I rely on EA’s yearly franchise to get my sporting highs on the couch – and I can thankfully report that FIFA 14 certainly achieves that, though surprisingly for a next-gen entry, loses something in translation too.

BRB @ EGX: Preview: Need For Speed: Rivals

With the crowded driving game market thinning out in recent days, Need For Speed: Rivals may be more of an option for virtual petrol-heads.

BRB @ E3: Electronic Arts Press Conference

The Electronic Arts Press Conference will start at 1.00pm Pacific / 4.00pm Eastern / 9.00pm UK on Monday June 10th – and we’ll be liveblogging every moment of it right here at BRB.

BRB UK 63: Apocalyptic Fungal Infection

There’s excitement abound this week in BRB UK towers, as Tim’s OUYA has finally arrived – also, videogame news. Join Dan, Jon and Tim as they meander around the week that was.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Video game budgets seem to be getting far too big, requiring games to sell Call of Duty-like numbers in order to simply ‘meet expectations’.

BRB Boom 39: Mysterical

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. This week, DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett nerd out about the Far Cry 3, Sim City, Mormon stories, twitter questions and the deal of the week.

Why Always-Online DRM Needs To Go Away

With SimCity’s troubled launch continuing to make the headlines, never has it been more clear why always-online DRM must go the way of the dodo.

Two Different In-App Purchase Models, One Clear Winner

As the mobile gaming market continues to thrive, there is a definite trend emerging within the domain of in-app purchases (IAPs), essentially dividing the business practice down the middle into two distinct camps.

FIFA Euro 2012 Release Marks Beginning of a New Digital Age

This year, the UEFA Euro 2012 tie-in game will be released in the constraints of a new business model, as a digital download add-on for FIFA 12 for around £15.99 rather than as a disc-based release.

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