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Snake Pass @ EGX 2016

Alex previews Snake Pass at EGX – a puzzle platformer that features a snake called Noodle and his humming bird companion.

Tekken 7 @ EGX 2016

Tim got hands-on with the latest Tekken. No sign of any bears or kangaroos but landed enough punches to deliver a knockout.

Final Fantasy XV @ EGX 2016

Final Fantasy titles are like buses; you wait years for one and three show up at the same time. Diarmuid checks out the fifteenth entry at EGX.

Alienation @ EGX Rezzed 2016

Housemarque’s latest title, Alienation, was available to play at EGX Rezzed and with its impending release, Diarmuid was eager to try it out.

Seraph @ EGX Rezzed 2016

Dreadbit, the talented team behind last year’s Ironcast, were in the PlayStation section of Rezzed showing off their latest offering, Seraph.

The Fall of Duty

Tim has concerns and apathy regarding this year’s Call of Duty.

EGX 2015: The Division

Tim ponders whether Ubisoft can reclaim their ‘king of open world’ games with The Division.

EGX 2015: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

During EGX, Alex played as the assassin Evie Frye and roamed around in the shadows of the Tower of London.

EGX 2015: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

Mario Tennis may not be the first choice franchise that Nintendo wanted to be leading the software charge with this Christmas.

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