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Big Red Barrelcast 128: Dave Got Married!

Barrelcast returns to talk about the Xbox One X, Nintendo stuff & highlights from E3 2017.

Geek Speak 93: Jo’s French Boyfriend

Alex, Jo & Diarmuid chat E3, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2, Your Name, The Mummy & more.

E3 2017: Microsoft Press Conference Overview

Xbox One X might not be the best name, but Microsoft has given us games to play on it.

Bloody Zombies – E3 Trailer

Bloody Zombies is a brand new title developed by Paw Print Games and published by nDreams. It is coming to console, PC and VR headsets later this year. The game can be played solo or in co-op, as well as in or out of VR.

BRB UK 248: The Big E3 Show 2017

EA, Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft, PlayStation, Nintendo and more on this huge E3 special of the Big Red Barrel UK Podcast.

God of War – Be A Warrior

After a surprise reveal at last year’s event, Sony showed off more God of War last night and it looked glorious. The game is slated to arrive in early 2018 so keep your axes well sharpened.

Days Gone – PS4 Stage Demo

An extended gameplay demo for Bend Studios’ Days Gone was one of the most impressive things shown at Sony’s conference last night.Showing off new game mechanics and how you will be able to use the zombie horde to your advantage, it was an impressive demo that got me excited for the game’s release next year.

Detroit: Become Human – PS4 Trailer

Disappointingly, we didn’t get a date for Quantic Dreams’ next project, Detroit: Become Human, however, the gameplay trailer showed during Sony’s Media Showcase was nonetheless impressive. Hopefully we hear more at gamescom.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Trailer

Sony closed out their Media Showcase with an impressive gameplay video for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The Insomniac title looks superb and we even got a nice treat for watching until the end!

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