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DONTNOD Presents Vampyr – Episode 4: Stories from the Dark

The final episode in DONTNOD’s Vampyr web series, Stories from the Dark, reveals yet more exclusive gameplay footage, plus the release date for the game. Dive into the story of Vampyr and how the Parisian studio builds a narrative with the player at the centre. The game releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on […]

DONTNOD Presents Vampyr – Episode 3: Human After All

The third episode in DONTNOD’s Vampyr webseries, Human After All, introduces us to the citizens of the game’s 1918 London. The video reveals how integral each districts’ citizens are, both in terms of gameplay and narrative.

DONTNOD Presents Vampyr – Episode 2: Architects of the Obscure

The second episode of the DONTNOD Presents Vampyr webseries is titled Architects of the Obscure. It covers just how DONTNOD coupled Vampyr‘s music and visuals to bring 1918 London to life.

DONTNOD Presents Vampyr – Episode 1: Making Monsters

DONTNOD, creators of Life is Strange and the upcoming Vampyr, have released the first episode of their behind-the-scenes series on their Victorian-set action-RPG. The video introduces Jonathan Reid, the doctor-turned-vampire that players will step into the shoes of and investigates his ‘condition’, thrusting him into a once-hidden society of wretched creatures like himself.

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