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Big Red Ramble – DmC: Devil May Cry

Mat, Tim and Tudor dive into Limbo and take a look at Ninja Theory’s revamped look at the life of Dante the demon hunter.  

BRB UK 45: Dante’s Face

It’s that time of the week for your regular dose of spiffing videogame-related Britishness. Join Dan, Jon and Tim as they attempt to navigate their way around the week’s gaming news. Also, busts.

DmC – CG Trailer

Dante’s got a message for the demons of our world, but before that, he’s got to kick a little ass.  

BRB UK 40: Undetectable Segue

The chaps are feeling a bit middle-aged this week (well, two of them are) as BRB UK has hit the mighty milestone of 40! So join Dan, Jon and Tim as they try and convince themselves they’re still young at heart by getting stuck in to the week’s gaming news.

Trailer: DmC – Vergil Gamescom

Dante’s twin brother Vergil was shown off in this trailer exclusive to Gamescom. Vergil’s part of a demon fighting resistance group, The Order, and enlists his long lost brother to join their cause.

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