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BRB UK 305: Shablagoo

If you want to hear about Dead Cells, Flipping Death and South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s expansions, we’ve got your back.

An Ode to Good Movement

Come and listen to Calum explain why good movement is essential to every game.

Review: The Swindle

Simon tried his best to steal all the money in The Swindle. But he died… again and again.

Why You Should Care About Dishonored, And Subsequently Dishonored 2

Kev hopes he can convince you to give Dishonored a try using wit, charm and rats.

E3 2015: Bethesda Press Conference Overview

A Bethesda-led conference at this year’s E3 could only mean one thing – a full-length cinematic trailer of the madly-anticipated title, Fallout 4 – but that’s not to say the other portion wasn’t packed with exciting news.

BRB Staff – E3 Wishlist

The biggest event in a gamer’s year is now less than a week away. With E3 so rapidly approaching, the excitement is building and rumours are circulating. Here’s what we are looking forward to/hoping for.

Let’s Play Dishonored (High Chaos) – Part 2

This episode: Corvo is hunting down High Overseer Campbell, and visiting his Granny along the way. AND ALSO VIOLENCE.

Let’s Play Dishonored (High Chaos) – Part 1

It’s a full-game Let’s Play! And this one is for Dishonored. Join BRB’s Kev as he causes maximum chaos throughout the realm of Dunwall!

The Big Red Ramble – 08/16/2013

Kev and Tim host an emergency mid-week edition to showcase the new Dishonored DLC – The Brigmore Witches.

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