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BRB UK 17: E3 Just Happened

The BRB UK are somewhat transformed this week, but still here to bring you all the news that has spilled out of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Grab a cup of tea, pull up a crumpet and get comfy as we have a packed agenda!

BRB UK 16: Pre-JubileE3

It’s an exciting week in Blighty – because a posh lady has been sitting on a spangly chair for 60 years. Also, E3 is incoming. So join Dan, Jon, Tim and special guest Dave as they generally ramble about the week’s news!

DiRT Showdown Review

Our review of DiRT 3’s fast and loose cousin: stripped of the pencil skirt, garnished in fake tan and ready to party.

Trailer: DiRT Showdown – 8-Ball Racing Live!

What happens when veteran banger racers and gaming journos try out one of DiRT Showdown‘s game modes in real life? They all have a bloody good time by the sounds of it.

Trailer: DiRT Showdown – What Goes On Tour Short #1

This is DiRT Showdown, harder, faster and all sorts of cliches of epicness. This is a first in a series of backstage trailers giving you the lowdown on what you’ve got to do to get ahead of the competition.

Trailer: DiRT Showdown – The 8 Ball Track

Have a penchant for driving around in a figure of 8 until you or everyone else are wrecked? DiRT Showdown may well have you covered.

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