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E3 2013 – Preview: Warframe

In a matter of minutes I was sliding all over the place, pelting enemy after enemy with my bow and throwing knives. Both the controller and the game surprised me in an immensely positive way, and I cannot wait to try this game out once the PS4 launches.

Warframe – E3 Trailer

Players are introduced to Warframe as newly awoken Tenno warriors, thrust into a universe at war and armed with ancient exo-skeletal technology only they can operate. These Warframes bring unimaginable power and skill to the Tenno and provide players with unique offensive and defensive powers to explore and master.  Players go solo or band together […]

Preview: Star Trek The Video Game

I recently got to attend a preview event hosted by Namco Bandai, where they were showing off their latest title, Star Trek The Video Game.

The Big Red Ramble: The Darkness II

We eat all the hearts of our enemies and ramble about the The Darkness II, while our darling little darkling urinates on the corpses. How lovely of him. Join Mat, Cory and Fisherman as they take a look at a Darkness that isn’t a terrible rock band.

Trailer: The Darkness 2 – Artfully Executed

I’d warn that this trailer contains adult content, but weirdly it contains a lot of lovely scenery and pretty things. … It doesn’t really. It’s rather riddled with gore.

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