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Big Red Barrelcast 56: Dropping The 2

On this week’s episode, PacManPolarBear and Dave are joined by Rothbart to blabber on about Youtube buying Twitch, E3 hopes and Microsoft flipping more switches.

Why Always-Online DRM Needs To Go Away

With SimCity’s troubled launch continuing to make the headlines, never has it been more clear why always-online DRM must go the way of the dodo.

What Sony Failed To Tell Us

Many gamers, myself included, were left feeling a little jaded after Sony’s confirmation of the PS4 last night…Sony’s Meeting felt a lot more like a press conference where they just confirmed our suspicions.

Cartoon: The (Un)Interesting Life…

Chris Shooter contemplates: Gods are very very busy beings – they don’t have time to look after the little details – this is why reincarnation has now been outsourced to Blizzard…

Cartoon: The (Un)Interesting Life…

Guest what game Chris Shooter is playing a lot of at the moment? Here is a clue: click clickerty click click clickerty click click click clicky clicky click…

BRB UK 20: Warp Factor 9

As is their want, Dan, Jon and Tim return to the digital airwaves for yet another thrillingly British discourse on the week’s video gaming news – in addition to a slight smattering of churlish humour.

BRB Boom 14: KAK

This week DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett nerd out about kickstarter, a bracket to determine the best digital pinball game, Diablo 3 and other topics that affect today’s gamer.

Big Red Blueprint: Diablo 3 Starter Guide

This particular Diablo 3 guide is meant to help those starting out from the very beginning, and it will help prepare them to face the final boss on Nightmare. Don’t worry, though, this guide is completely spoiler-free.

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