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Geek Speak 6: Tabletop Treachery

Hello there, basically! Your Geek Speak hosts felt inspired to play and talk about board games as well as other geeky topics.

The Golden Barrel Awards 2014

BRB staff compiled a list of their favourite games of 2014. Let us know how right/wrong we were.

Trailer: Dark Souls 2 PC Launch

I honestly think it’d be hard to cut a trailer of this game that didn’t look great.

Dark Souls 2 – Starter’s Guide

Kev takes a leisurely stroll through the first three bosses in Dark Souls 2, while revealing some secrets you may have missed along the way. (Game audio is super loud for the first ten minutes, but is corrected thereafter)

Dark Souls 2 – What Has Changed?

Kev explains a few of the most notable changes between Dark Souls 2 and its predecessor, and introduces the game’s hub area, all without spoiling content.

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