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Review: The Little Acre

After being invited to check out Curve Digital’s current line-up of titles, The Little Acre caught my eye above everything else. With its hand-drawn style, point & click style of play and involvement from Charles Cecil (creator of the Broken Sword series), I knew the this would be a day one purchase. Set in a […]

Review: Manual Samuel

Alex reviews Manual Samuel, a game that made her laugh as much as it made her cry. Play it with friends and watch him suffer

Review: Dear Esther Landmark Edition

Released in 2008 as a mod and again in 2012 with a PC release, Dear Esther comes to consoles with the Landmark Edition.

Preview: The Little Acre

Alex previews The Little Acre, a charming point and click adventure game that melted even her point-and-click-hating heart.

Preview: Manual Samuel

Alex previews Manuel Samuel, a hilarious game, where you get to control every action of previously rich and carefree Samuel.

BRB UK 210: Storytime with Molyneux

Coleman & Tim run down TGS 2016 and Curve Digital’s new line up of games.

Big Red Ramble: 10 Second Ninja X

10 Second Ninja X is a fast-paced platformer that tasks you to beat all enemies in a level with a 10 second time limit – Sounds simple enough right? WRONG! Watch Coleman get progressively more frustrated trying to play a game he’s terrible at. To see other BigRedRambles and more from BRB TV, check out […]

Curve Digital’s Indie Mixtape – Gameplay Trailer

Curve Digital have launched The Indie Mixtape on both Steam and the Humble Store. Featuring five diverse games from up-and-coming independent developers, the first Indie Mixtape contains: LAZA KNITEZ!! by Glitchnap – Pew your way to glory in this up-to-four player couch spear-em-up. hets by Ditto – Lost in a hellish randomly dungeon, grab your hand cannon […]

Review: Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones’ mix of stealth platforming and Super Meat Boy-esque violence charms the pants off of Diarmuid.

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