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BRB UK 485: Accidental Fat Lip

There is a new Monkey Island game coming out this year and nothing else matters

BRB UK 260: Danstiny 2

Can you guess what’s on this episode of BRB UK? We’ll give you a clue then… it rhymes with Pesterny Goo.

Big Red Ramble – Tomb Raider

Tim and Kev get marooned together long enough to talk about the rebirth of Lara Croft.

WIN! A Copy of Tomb Raider for Xbox 360 Thanks to Ladbrokes

If you are a UK resident aged over 18 years old, then you could win a copy of the excellent Tomb Raider for Xbox 360, courtesy of the fine people from Ladbrokes.

Review: Tomb Raider

Lara and her motley crew of shipmates must find a way of surviving after being shipwrecked and trapped on a mysterious island.

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