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BRB UK 358: We Have SNES Games!

It’s another flippin’ podcast day and we’re itching to talk about some gosh-darn vidja games

Creed – Rocky hits London Underground

With the release of Creed approaching, commuters on the Tube were treated to a brass band playing the Rocky theme as they climbed the station’s stairs. Personally, I’d be out of breath halfway through! Creed is in UK cinemas on 15th January.

Creed – Official Trailer 2

I have always enjoyed the Rocky movies but even I thought another one would be a step too far. Thankfully, Creed looks to firmly put the focus on Apollo’s son in favour of the Italian Stallion and Michael B. Jordan looks to have the charisma to pull it off. Creed will be released in UK […]

Creed – Official Trailer

I was impressed with Rocky Balboa when it was released but even I rolled my eyes when I first heard about Creed. However, the fact that the movie has Michael B. Jordan in the lead role and it is being helmed by Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler has me excited. Creed is scheduled to release on 25th November […]

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