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Duck Destroyer – Gameplay Trailer

When hunger strikes, grab a shotgun and put some dinner on the table. Lock and load and put those sharpshooting skills to the test as you blast flocks of ducks out of the sky.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

The Tiny Troopers are back and better than ever. Equipped with the latest gadgets and military hardware, send your pint-sized soldiers back into the battlefield in four thrilling campaigns spanning over 20 levels. For a limited time it’s available for the not so princely sum of £0 on the App store, that’s not to be […]

Review: Fury of the Gods

Squish tiny impudent subjects beneath your finger in Chillingo’s new real-time strategy game for iOS – if you can stay awake.

Eager Beaver Review

Steady on, frisky. Apple hasn’t loosened the App Store standards, for Eager Beaver deals not with up-for-it foo-foos but with the actual animals – or rather, one of them. This is a fun, functional physics-based puzzler, with not a vajayjay in sight.

Disco Kitten Review

There are great iOS games, and then there is Disco Kitten. There’s little to be said other than the game being a victim of its own potential innovation, which fails to embrace any qualities other than monotony, frustration and eventual disinterest.

Review: Lock ‘n’ Load

Lock, load, jam. This iOS twin-stick shooter misfires on all counts, and boasts a shockingly uncouth attitude to in-app purchases.

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