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BRB UK 39: Responsibly Sourced CoD

Unlike our good chums over in Americaland, us Brits aren’t attempting to eat our way out of a mountain of turkey – so it’s business as usual for the chaps of BRB UK.

BRB Blu 24: Frawlz For Hire

This week Rothbart, PacManPolarBear and frequent special guest Esmeralda discuss Gamescom news, PSASBR, COD:Black Ops Declassified, YouTube on the PS3, da roomah, and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness.

BRB UK 26: Wie komme ich am besten zum steamroller, bitte?

It’s time for a smidge more British gaming tomfoolery – but we’re a man down this week, so Dan and Jon are tasked with navigating the week’s news without the stabilising presence of Tim.

Eaten by a Polar Bear: CoD – Black Ops Declassified Should Have Stayed Classified

Many of us are suffering from CoD fatigue these days, but there’s no denying a lot of people would love to finally have a AAA blockbuster FPS on their Vita.

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