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Review: Battlefield 1

DICE have decided to ditch the modern shooter in favour of World War I. Was it worth the risk? Smashsoul straps on his gas mask and finds out.

BRB UK 178: Brown Synergy

It’s a full house on BRB UK once again with Dan, Tim & Coleman chatting about The Witness, The Division beta and more

Battlefield: Hardline @ EGX

Jamie went hands on with Battlefield: Hardline at EGX this past weekend and walked away quietly optimistic but also a little bit concerned about the game.

Battlefield Hardline: In Need of a Reality Check

Visceral’s take on the Battlefield series plays just as we expected it to. But should cops and robbers play the same way as armies of soldiers?

E3 2014: EA Liveblog

It’s that time of the year for EA to wheel out their lineup for the coming year – even if most of them are likely to be sequels.

Resogun Secretly Has An Outstanding Online Community

We often see hateful bile and obnoxious trolling in online multiplayer games. Resogun could not be more different from its AAA counterparts.

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